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The short-to-medium print run solution.



Digitally printed labels offer a fast, cost-effective alternative for your customers. The digital printing process doesn’t require plates or dies. This provides the possibility for smaller runs (as low as 100 labels) and quicker turnarounds. Digital printing also allows for variable data, which makes it easier to produce multiple versions, barcodes or consecutive numbers.

What is DLSdigital?

DLSdigital helps you build your short run business with rich 4 color process printing in ANY shape label up to 8.7″ wide in virtually any length with high-quality inkjet printing and laser die cutting. DLSdigital offers a wide variety of face stocks, adhesives, laminates and varnishes to suit all your customer’s needs.

Our Digital Printing Technologies

Inkjet Technology

Aqueous – In this process, drops of ink are sprayed onto label stock to create graphic and font images. These presses use 4 color process printing (CMYK) to produce a color spectrum. Some devices also image a label with a PMS match ink color. The image is air dried, usually with some heat added to adhere the image to the label stock. This means the face stock needs to be receptive to ink. This is accomplished by either purchasing coated material from the raw material manufacturer or having the label converter apply a primer during the manufacturing process. Often, the image will then be varnished or laminated to provide an additional level of protection and durability. Not all papers and films are compatible with aqueous printing.

UV Inkjet – Using the same process of spraying droplets of ink onto label face stock, UV inkjet differs from aqueous in that the ink is cured to the face stock by exposure to UV light. This creates a very durable image. Because the image is cured to the sheet, UV printing allows for the use of a wider selection of face stocks than aqueous inkjet production.

Laser Technology

Dry Toner – Laser printers use heat and pressure to adhere an image to the label face stock. Typically, a drum is electrically charged to be receptive to the toner. The toner is drawn to the sheet by an opposite electrical charge and then heated and pressed to create a fusion to the sheet of paper. These printers use a CMYK process to obtain a spectrum of colors on the final printed label.

Liquid Toner – Very similar to the dry toner method above except that the toner is so fine, it reacts more like a liquid. This allows for a somewhat better print image as the toner particles are smaller. Presses that use liquid toner require face stock that has been previously primed for the image to adhere properly or will have a priming station as part of the press.

Perfect for Many Applications

  • High Color Prime Labels: High resolution means vibrant color, clarity, crisp type and photo-realistic imagery.
  • Small to Medium Size Label Orders: Reduced cost-per-unit versus flexo printing.
  • Unique Shapes: Laser die-cutting allows for unique designs with no custom dies.
  • Variable Imaging: Digital printing makes it easy for us to produce labels that include barcodes, personalized verbiage and consecutive numbering.
  • Versions: With digital printing, you have a cost-effective way to produce multiple versions of similar labels.
  • Test Label Production: Providing samples are easy with digital printing. The press set-up time is far faster, and therefore, more cost-effective than flexographic printing.
  • Durable Labels: With the ability to UV print on many substrates and laminate, durable labels are possible with DLSdigital.
  • Promotional Labels: Have a sale or time-sensitive promo label that needs printing? Digital labels are what you’re looking for to help your customers promote their products and events.
  • We are happy to send you a sample package showing the endless possibilities for digital label printing.  

Laser Die Cutting & Finishing

Technology is quickly reshaping the label landscape, and Diversified is leading the way with digital label production.  With our in-line precision laser die cutter, there are no costly dies. That means any shape, no matter how complicated, can be produced literally at the speed of light. You can say “yes” to those unique labels that would have been too costly to produce in the past.

Due to our investment in advanced equipment, we’re also able to offer services such as:

  • Sheeting: Our equipment allows us to sheet labels to create single labels or fan-folded labels instead of a typical label roll.
  • Hybrid Flexo-Digital Printing: Mark Andy and Colordyne have partnered up to engineer an analog/digital label converting system. This is a labeling converter designed to add full color digital inkjet printing capabilities to existing flexographic presses. This system combines a 10-inch-wide, 4 color Mark Andy flexo press with the Colordyne 3600 water-based process color digital press.

Do You Have a Client That Needs Help with Label Design?

Consider DLSdesign your personal label design team for this project. We are happy to work under your name as we go through the design process. We are your silent partner. All proofs and communications will be branded with only your company info. Our fixed price concept development and design model was created to make it easy for you to provide high-quality graphic design services to your clients. For a single low price, you receive up to 3 design concepts based on the information provided by the customer on our form. We will never contact your client directly unless otherwise specified. All communication goes through you.

DLSdigital: Video Spotlight

We offer two different types of digital inkjet technologies, aqueous (water) based ink and UV ink. With these technologies, you can offer a broader selection of digital labels to your customers.